The whisky

Son of a Peat is a members exclusive private label inspired by the Flaviar community. We set out to create a high quality Peated Blended Malt Scotch? our members would love—and they do. Each batch is unique and in short supply. A collector’s wet dram sourced from the finest distilleries of Scotland whose names, well... shall remain shrouded in mystery.

This is a complex Whisky that shoots above the crowd but also blends in perfectly. It is a piece of Son’s dark, brooding soul. A piece of his passion, brilliance and insanity. Every time the cork parts and the smell hits, he is with you in Spirit. Once the last drop of each batch is gone, it’s gone forever.

An essential addition to any modern Whisky collection.

In this world there are two kinds of people... those with loaded guns and those who dig Peat. You dig!

Son of a Peat

The story

Born the Son of a Peat digger. His loved ones? Dead. Gone forever. What happened in the wake of the events remains murky and shrouded in mystery, but now, fueled by peat, he fights back.

His creations, much like himself, are Dark. Heavy. Intense. Yet, they're laced with gentle memories of his childhood—the memories that keep the man alive. The Peat loves him and he loves the Peat, his only family left.

Son of a Peat is a vigilante and a product of our time. Peat fuels him, but it's the world's ignorance that fires his stills. He fights for the future of Whisky, but more importantly, shows us how to fight for our own—head on, chin held high. Even when staring down a smoking barrel.

“People incapable of guilt usually do have a good time.”

Son of a Peat Flavors

Batch 01

BATCH 01 is a remarkable marriage of eight of the most famous Scotch Single Malts from Islay, Islands and the Speyside region. The end result is a complex and commanding Whisky bottled at the peak of its powers—its spirit barely contained by the cork.

We treated each drop by hand to ensure the Whisky got the care it deserved. 48.3% ABV strong, no added color and non-chill filtered.

This is a brash, yet utterly charming dram of both a mysterious and chaotic nature. Its flavors are dark, heavy and intense, but also strangely warm and welcoming.

Flavor profile?
The usual suspects—peat, smoke, and salt—are all there. But the more you taste, the more biscuity and sweet it becomes. Then, there's apricot, sherry, citrus and green apple notes that take things to 11. The finish is oily, succulent and bittersweet. A lip-smacking smoking gun delight!


No. of single malts in blend:
Casks type:
American white oak and sherry
No. of Bottles:
750 ml
Islay, Islands, Speyside
Up to 16
Blended Malt Whisky
Natural color
Special treatment:
Hand blended, hand bottled, hand sealed, hand labeled. So better talk to the hand.

“The peat is heavy but lies light on the soul”

Smartass corner

What the hell is a Blended Malt Whisky?

A Blended Malt, formerly known as a Vatted Malt, or Pure Malt, is a blend of different Single Malt Whiskies from different distilleries—no Grain Whisky is used. Just a big old Single Malt party up in there.

What’s the difference between Blended Malt, Single Malt and Blended Scotch?

There's a slight difference, but for Whisky lovers, they're worlds apart.
  • A Blended Malt is a blend of different Single Malt Whiskies from different distilleries.
  • A Single Malt is a blend of different Single Malt Whiskies from one distillery.
  • A Blended Scotch is a mix of malt and grain Whiskies, sourced from different distilleries.
How to enjoy it?

How to enjoy it?

Drink Son of a Peat on your own terms. However, we prefer it neat or as a Reverse Chaser. Wait, what?

Son of a Peat is THE ultimate chaser for your favorite IPA. Seriously, you have to try this! Take a few sips of IPA followed by a sip of Son of a Peat. And there you have it!”

Making of

Based on member feedback and our own insights, the goal was to offer a high-end peated Scotch that is approachable both in style as well as price. It is blended for the flavor profile rather than an age statement.

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Son of a Peat

Batch 01