The whisky

Son of a Peat is a Members-exclusive private Scotch label that wants to redeem the world from the ubiquitous tendency of Whiskies to play it safe and bring some smoky excitement. Our mission was to create a high-quality peated blended Malt Scotch? our Members would love - and they sure as hell do. It’s a collector’s wet dram (see what we did there?) sourced from the best Scottish distilleries whose names will follow us to the grave.

We’re shooting above the crowd with the complex flavor profile, but the Whisky also blends in perfectly. Dive deep into the Son of a Peat’s dark brooding soul and experience his brilliance and passionate insanity. He will be with you in spirit every time you pop the cork and smell the smoke.

It’s an essential addition to your Whisky collection.

The path to redemption leads through hell, and I will bring light through smoke and darkness.

Son of a Peat

The story

Born the Son of a Peat digger. His loved ones? Dead. Gone forever. What happened in the wake of the events remains murky and shrouded in mystery, but now, fueled by peat, he fights back.

His creations, much like himself, are Dark. Heavy. Intense. Yet, they're laced with gentle memories of his childhood—the memories that keep the man alive. The Peat loves him and he loves the Peat, his only family left.

Son of a Peat is a vigilante and a product of our time. Peat fuels him, but it's the world's ignorance that fires his stills. He fights for the future of Whisky, but more importantly, shows us how to fight for our own—head on, chin held high. Even when staring down a smoking barrel.

“Look yourself in the reflection. Is that really you, or is it just smoke and mirrors?”

Son of a Peat Flavors

Batch 03

The Redeemer

Son of a Peat Batch 03 follows the formula of action movies. The third act is more explosive, packs more punch, and has more smoke. The DNA of four Scottish regions is the same, but we amped up some of Son’s genes: the ABV, the peatiness, and the character. Batch 03 is hell-bent on fighting the idea that top Whiskies need to be only smooth Step aside, The Redeemer is here.

Each bottle of this fiery outlaw is treated by hand and bottled directly from the barrel that nurtured it. Its hue is genuine and the Spirit is non-chill filtered. The ABV? None of your damn business, but it’s 53.8%. Can you handle it?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Cross over to the dark side and enjoy the intensity born in the treacherous mists of Scotland.

What does redemption taste like?
Like smoke, of course. Your nose shall be captivated by uncompromising notes of peat, teamed up with earthy hints of smoked meats and a slightly medicinal undercurrent. On your palate, a fierce battle for dominance between warm notes of smoke, oak, nuts, and Sherry, will take place. Peat will prevail, naturally. All will be washed away by an endless finish with notes of chocolate, and a wee bitterish whisper that’ll take you back where everything started: the isle of Islay.


No. of single malts in blend:
Casks type:
Aged in hogshead, sherry butt casks and used bourbon casks
No. of Bottles:
750 ml
Islay, Islands, Speyside, Highland
up to 20 years old
Blended Malt Whisky
No added colouring
53.8% ABV
Special treatment:
Hand blended, hand bottled, hand sealed, hand labeled

Previous editions

Act One, the Spirit that started it all. Mysterious and chaotic, a blend of eight Single Malts. Peat, smoke, and salt are balanced by the fruity sweetness. A true myth.

Flavor profile
Son of a Peat BATCH 01 presents the usual suspects—peat, smoke, and salt. But the more you taste, the more biscuity and sweet it becomes. Then, there's apricot, sherry, citrus and green apple notes that take things to 11. The finish is oily, succulent and bittersweet.

Absolutely my favorite scotch. I was nervous about getting this but I was pleasantly surprised and wish I would’ve gotten more.

— Cody

A worthy successor with an improved and evolved taste - a rebirth of the legend. Smoke and seaweed carry you to the shores of Scotland while the earthy and woody notes embrace you in the darkness.

Flavor profile
The list of suspects? Quite clear. Peat and smoke with notions of seaweed that take you back to the Scottish shores. Quickly now the sweetness of sherry and honeysuckle step forward and clear the smoke, but just for a bit, till the journey continues towards more earthy, oaky and woody flavor nuances. The finish is buttery and long-lasting.

This bottle was the start of it all for me. Very smooth. Perfect for an evening on the porch during the spring summer or fall months, but also perfect for those cold winter months by a nice warm fire.

“Two roads diverge in the empty neon-lit city, and they both lead to perdition. For me, it’s just a walk in a park.”

—Son of a Peat

Smartass corner

What the hell is a Blended Malt Whisky?

A Blended Malt, formerly known as a Vatted Malt, or Pure Malt, is a blend of different Single Malt Whiskies from different distilleries—no Grain Whisky is used. Just a big old Single Malt party up in there.

What does “Cask Strength” mean?

Simply put, Cask Strength means more alcohol. Whisky is typically diluted to a cozy 40% ABV, but Cask Strength is bottled directly from the barrel, no messing around with the power of Spirit. Son of a Peat Batch 03 was bottled at 53.8% ABV.

What’s the difference between Blended Malt, Single Malt and Blended Scotch?

There's a slight difference, but for Whisky lovers, they're worlds apart.
  • A Blended Malt is a blend of different Single Malt Whiskies from different distilleries.
  • A Single Malt is a blend of different Single Malt Whiskies from one distillery.
  • A Blended Scotch is a mix of malt and grain Whiskies, sourced from different distilleries.

What on earth is Peated Whisky?

It’s probably the most polarizing flavor in the Whisky world. Get your peat on and watch this VIDEO.
How to enjoy it?

How to enjoy it?

Drink Son of a Peat on your own terms. However, we prefer it neat or as a Reverse Chaser. Wait, what?

Son of a Peat is THE ultimate chaser for your favorite IPA. Seriously, you have to try this! Take a few sips of IPA followed by a sip of Son of a Peat. And there you have it!”

Story behind the Whisky

Hard times call for harder liquor. We created the third coming of the Son with the current situation in mind. We want Batch 03 to bring the mouthwatering experience of smoky peatiness to both the seasoned peat lovers and those who haven’t dared cross to the smoky side of life yet.

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Son of a Peat

Batch 03

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